Doc Jams Printer Repair, Toner & Supplies offers office printer service and repair, printer toner and supplies, sales of new and refurbished printers, as well as office machine consulting and document management. Finally you can enjoy the piece of mind that comes with great working office machines without having to lose a big piece of your bottom line. Doc Jams printer repair will keep Getting You Back to Printing!

We Repair Printers

Doc Jams Printer Repair, Toner & Supplies can fix your printer. With the finest printer repair around Madison Wisconsin you can be sure that if your printer is jamming, smearing, smoking, streaking, leaking, beeping or just plain not working you can trust Doc Jams to fix it. What more could you want for a peaceful office? You’ve heard the ads, you’ve seen the great technicians, now it is time to let Doc Jams keep Getting You Back to Printing!

We Sell Toner

Doc Jams Printer Repair, Toner and Supplies may surprise you with the name that not only do they repair printers, they also sell laser printer toner. Would you believe Doc Jams also sells ink for your printer? I bet you knew Doc Jams also offers supplies such as drums, transfer belts, OPC units, fusers and a bunch of other items you may not have even known your printer needs. Rest assured Doc Jams will take care of your printers.

Doc Jams sells toner cartridges for all of your office machines. Doc Jams also offers its own line of quality remanufactured toner cartridges, using only the best components available. This leads to toner cartridges that often exceed other brands for quality, durability and convenience.

We Sell Printers

Doc Jams Printer Repair, Toner & Supplies offers replacement printers for your office to create beautiful documents. Imagine the surprise when you show up to your meeting and have the best looking documents available. Your colleagues will wish they were you, your boss will give you a raise and instant vacation while unicorns cheer. All because you relied on Doc Jams for the smartest office machine consultations available in and around Madison Wisconsin. Maybe you know what machine you want, maybe you don’t. Doc Jams has gotten their printer customers the office machine they need quickly. Next day delivery is not only available for your new printer, it is the norm at Doc Jams. That means if you hate your printer today, you can love your new printer tomorrow. Feel the love printer fans.

We Recycle Office Machines

Your office is full of useless junk. Some of it you have to share the stapler with, other stuff just collects dust. Old printers and computers, old toner cartridges. But what can you do with all of this extra stuff? Call Doc Jams at 608-210-3090 and we will take care of it for you in a clean, environmentally friendly way. Not only will your printer love you after using Doc Jams, nature will love you.

Doc Jams offers Madison, Wisconsin’s premiere place for recycling toner cartridges, of any brand, and all office machines you may need to dispose of properly.

Current Doc Jams Printer Repair, Toner & Supplies NEWS:

Doc Jams is proud to partner with Xerox to offer its customers membership into the eConcierge program. This program allows excellent toner management with a simple software program and allows customers have their Xerox printers covered by a Xerox warranty at no additional cost to them. Simply purchase toner through the Doc Jams Xerox eConcierge program. You can find more information by contacting Doc Jams or by visiting the Doc Jams Xerox eConcierge page directly.

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Although our building is closed to the public, we are still offering all of our regular sales and service options. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions.